How Much Do Ferrets Cost ?

How Much Do Ferrets Cost ?

A ferret may seem like just another mammal that can be domesticated and enjoyed as a pet but a deeper thought would instead reveal it to be an exorbitant luxury! There are various aspects that make a ferret lovable and expensive. Ferrets are extremely playful in nature and thrive in company.

They have high intelligence and levels of energy. They also require nutritious food at regular intervals during course of the day to keep them agile and healthy. Therefore, when thinking of purchasing this pet, one not only needs to cater for the initial cost but also the sustenance expenditures. All these factors in amalgamation are likely to increase the total money liability associated to this amazing mammal. This could be one of the reasons of people preferring dogs or cats instead.

The cost of purchasing a ferret baby amounts to about 90 dollars. However, there are several other aspects that need to be catered for its adequate stay and comfort. At this stage, the mammal may be comfortable in a small cage but this would not do for the rest of its life. The ferret grows to a good size of about 20 inches in length. Also, its attributes of high energy and playful nature call for space. Therefore, it would be prudent to purchase a bigger cage at the onset, which may cost about 500 dollars. Vaccinations are also important for its good health and keeping it away from diseases. This would amount to 75 dollars but one need not worry as it is not a regular feature. Last but not the least, the most vital and regular expense comes in the form of nutrition. Owing to its high rate of metabolism, the animal needs to be fed once in every four hours. Therefore, the expenditure linked to food comes to about 250 dollars per year. In totality, a ferret comes with approximately the expense of 700 dollars annually. So, no matter how tempted you are, think hard before you get this wonderful pet into your life.

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How Much Do Ferrets Cost