Why Do Ferrets Bite ?

Why Do Ferrets Bite ?

Ask any ferret owner and they will definitely acquaint you with the truth that ferrets do bite indeed! And why not, if nature has endowed the animal with such superior carnassials then it will certainly utilize the same for communication and protection. However, having said this, it is also important to understand that this fact does not mean that ferrets should be slotted with other carnivorous animals having dangerous instincts.

Always remember the golden rule that no animal, no matter how dangerous in appearance, bites without a reason. Ferrets are no different. Acquiring an insight to the reasons of its biting can certainly aid in reducing the behavior. The mammal is known to resort to biting due to reasons such as playful interactions, exploration and self defense.

Let us first introspect the harmless reasons and find ways to avoid the same. A ferret has an inherent trait of playfulness. The animal cherishes company and loves to run and chase around. A slight nip during such times may be a call from your pet to engage in its recreation. However, if this harmless behavior gets to you, then the remedy could be either training the ferret to abide to your verbal communication of ‘no biting’ or applying a spray with a repulsive odor to keep them off your hands and feet! A small flick on any body part may also work in this case. Ferrets may also bite when introduced to strangers, which can be avoided by allowing the animal to sniff and explore the stranger in a controlled, composed and supervised fashion. Lastly, one of the basic reasons of biting amongst animals is self defense. The only solution for this is to avoid making the ferret feel threatened and anxious, which could result in biting on account of self protection.

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Why Do Ferrets Bite