How To Attract Dragonflies

How To Attract Dragonflies ?

Consider the fact that water is natural abode of the dragonfly and you have an easy way of attracting these beautiful insects into your yard. Apart from adding on to the beauty quotient of a place, dragonflies have some practical uses too – they reduce mosquito populations, they also help in keeping water surfaces clean. So trying to attract dragonflies into the vicinity is a good idea.

Dragonflies require water for bringing up their children! Or nymphs, as they are scientifically known! Nymphs require water in order to survive and with overhanging plants, can climb up and fly out when they are ready.

A simple water pond – artificially created by basically buying one from a store can help attract dragonflies. You can also explore the options of creating a pond if you have the space and the time. A rubber pond might work too.

Create or place this pond in a slightly covered place which is slightly out of the sun and away from too much noise and human presence too. The pond needs to have healthy amounts of sun and shade. It also needs to be protected from the wind. It is not necessary to make the pond completely antiseptic and sterilized. After all, natural ponds do have their own ecosystem which will have insects of all kinds too. So you can let water plants grow in your pond as well. The water plants serve a dual purpose. Not only do they mimic a natural eco system but also serve as ladders for young dragonflies that have reached adulthood and want to take their first flight out of the pond.

In an effort to mimic natural ponds, place some healthy sized rocks around the pond as well. Dragonflies love to laze around and sun themselves on rocks as well. So you can think of either creating a longish ledge around the pool or even build a small rock garden. Both these creations will add a certain charm to the dragonfly pond.

You can choose specific flowers that attract butterflies. Black eyed Susans, for instance, are known to be the favorite flower for butterflies. And dragonflies eat butterflies. Other flowers (Joe Pye weed, swamp milkweed being a couple of such plants) also can be planted. Again they will serve a dual purpose – apart from making your pond look good they will also attract insects of all kinds. More food for your dragonfly collection!

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