What Does The Dragonfly Symbolize

What Does The Dragonfly Symbolize ?

The dragonfly can symbolize many things to many people. This beautiful flying insect with shimmering wings fires up people’s imaginations. However there are a few popular symbolisms associated with dragonflies.

The wings of a dragonfly are super sensitive to the smallest of breeze. So a dragonfly totem signifies change. It exhorts us to pay attention to where the wind blows. Change can be connected to many levels – change in the world as well aschange within oneself. This can also mean the change that happens in one’s psyche as one grows up and absorbs more of the world around.

The dragonfly is also connected with the element of water and so, like its fluidity, this insect is also connected with a dreamy state or the subconscious state of mind and thoughts. Watching a dragonfly winging its way, skimming over the water’s surface is related to the need to look beyond outer appearances.

The dragonfly is capable of moving along six different axes and this represents a potent combination of power and grace. It’s awesome power is derived from beating its wings for a meager 30 times every minute. This particularly difficult combination of two very different characteristics can also come only with age and growing mellowness. This particular trait can be highlighted even more by drawing a comparison with a mosquito or even a common fly which has to beat its wings a mind-boggling 600 and 1,000 times a minute just to stay airborne.

Like a wisp of smoke, a dragonfly moves with total grace and beauty powered by elegant wing strokes and is a portrayal of stunning control.

This insect also has phenomenal eyes. It has a 360 degree view of life, literally. Around 80 % of its brain’s power goes into sustaining its eye sight. While this may be a fact, what is symbolic about this fact is that the dragonfly encourages us to have a holistic vision of life too. Looking beyond the limitations of oneself or even of ones that we interact with and having a universal or macrocosmic view of life is what the 360 degree view of life is all about.

As a flying insect, the life of the dragonfly is the smaller portion of its entire life span. For most part, it lives as a nymph. Yet in that short winged span, it achieves its life mission. This symbolizes the importance of living life to the fullest.

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