How To Get Lice Eggs Out Of Hair

How To Get Lice Eggs Out Of Hair ?

It may sometimes be easy to get rid of lice. Medicated products and shampoos can help kill the lice which can then be combed out of the head. But getting rid of eggs is also important to prevent re- infestation. Some of the ways in which this can be achieved are through the use of specific medicated shampoos, picking nits out by hand and by running special combs called nit combs through one’s hair. These combs are extremely fine toothed and catch the nits between their teeth as they are pushed through the hair.

It is best to comb through thoroughly and from root to tip. The comb can be used either after a shampoo session or even to get rid of a lighter infestation of lice.

Lice eggs also need to be attacked on other surfaces. Clothes, bed linen and so on will also have nits and it is therefore important to clean these as well when putting the head through intensive lice treatment. Include even car seats, work areas and chairs too.

Medicated shampoos are very strong chemicals. They are also possible flammable items so it is not advisable to use a blow dryer immediately after the application of such a shampoo. Though some of these shampoos are available as OTC or over the counter products, it may be wise to ask a doctor before you can use them.

Getting rid of lice eggs also happens most effectively when the usage instructions for such products is adhered to meticulously. The shampoos may need to be applied in a certain way and left for certain duration of time. This treatment also may need to be repeated after a specific number of days. Thus, only with proper implementation of such procedures can one be confident of getting all the nits out in time.

It is important to repeat the treatment since any remaining nits can develop into lice very quickly and cause infestation once more. Thus after treatments, it is important to keep checking for nits and removing the same too.

One word of caution though – such medicated shampoos are pretty harsh and so the products that adults use may not be suitable for young children. For removing the nits from the heads of young children, it may be better to use nit combs or even picking out the eggs. Natural products like vinegar may be better equipped for removing nits from children’s’ heads.

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