Cost Of Termite Removal

Cost Of Termite Removal

Exterminating termites is a necessity because of the extensive damage they can cause to superstructures of the house. The costs involved will vary depending mainly on the size of the house and the degree of infestation. Termites are one of the peskiest insects one can find in buildings. They are also not restricted to eating wood alone. Since termites eat cellulose this means that they can wood and paper, books, even pool filters and shrubs. Especially in damp and warmer climes, termites are even more active.

According to statistics released by the North Carolina University, termites can account for more than 2 billion dollars every year. This figure being the cost of war waged against these insects.

One of the most popular ways to exterminate termites is by using a chemical treatment. Most pest control specialists will drill into the foundation of a house or a building and pump in a mix of chemicals which helps keep the termites away. The chemical solution is also squirted all around the building’s perimeter. Most of the treatments in this manner range between $4 and $16 for every linear foot. This wide variance is due to the difference in costs given by Termite MD and Costhelper. The latter puts the prices at that level based on 2010 cost factors.

The costs may differ depending on the extent of damage and the type of infestation as well. For instance Costhelper puts the price of fumigation between $1 and $2 per square foot. Fumigation will entail the occupants of the building to leave. Specialists then erect sealed covers or tents all around the house and then the area within is pumped full of gaseous chemicals which kill the termites. Fumigation also tends to encompass the whole house rather than the outside borders alone. Obviously the additional cost incurred during this method of fumigation will be displacement costs associated with living in a hotel and so on.

In areas where environmental concerns prevent such use of chemicals or gases, termite extermination specialists will go in for something called bait stations. Bait stations can prove to be higher priced than conventional methods of treatment. These treatments start at a price range of around $1.2 per square foot and efficacy, based on how big the termite colony is and the area they are spread over.

Linear foot is the most popularly used base for deriving at the cost of termite extermination. More “exotic” treatments using microwave technology and electricity can cost up to $1,000 per treatment and may have lower efficacy in certain situations.

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