What Do Monkeys Eat

What Do Monkeys Eat ?

There are several different kinds of monkeys available all around and there would be no one who would not have seen a monkey irrespective of its species or kind. They are in fact the most commonly seen animals. People know a lot about these monkeys and their eating habits but precise information may be missing in some cases.

Talking of the fact what monkeys eat, it is important to understand that that there are several kinds and they all have their own eating habits as well as choices. Spider monkeys basically are found in the rainforests and they regulate their daily diets just like human beings which might surprise many but its true. They do so in such a manner that their daily protein intake remains same round the year in spite of the fact that seasons may change or there may be changes in the availability of food as well.

Most of the monkeys are omnivorous and they love eating ripe fruits as well the seeds but they also feed on vegetables. Apart from leaves and bark, they are fond of flowers and honey. Howler monkeys that are known as the loudest animal are strictly vegetarians and love eating small and young leaves as they are tender. Their diet also includes bananas, green vegetables, grapes, yams, etc.

Capuchin monkeys are omnivorous and feed on leaves, fruits, small lizards, small birds, bird’s eggs, bugs, etc. Thus it becomes clear that they do not have a common eating habit throughout and their food preferences differ with the changes in their species.

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What Do Monkeys Eat