What Do Spider Monkeys Eat

What Do Spider Monkeys Eat ?

Spider monkeys are called so because of their spider like appearance when they hang upside down with their tail. These groups of animals are categorized under the “New World Monkey” category. They have nostrils placed far apart. Their eyes are surrounded by flesh colored rings. Their brain development and structure is not overly complex.

You will easily come across spider monkeys of varying color ranging from red, golden, black, brown or even beige. Irrespective of their body color, their feet are predominantly black. They do not have thumbs or opposing fingers on their forelimbs. However, their hind limbs have thumb like extensions. Like all monkeys, these animals rely on their powerful long limbs for jumping and clinging from one tree to the other. Their tails are longer than the rest of the body and act as a fifth limb. These powerful organs help monkeys to suspend from trees while hunting or moving. Their hands are hook shaped and narrow.

Binocular vision is their biggest weapon, helping these animals’ sight foods and prey from afar. They predominantly eat fruits and seeds of various plants. They use their tail to hang from a branch and grasp their food with fore or hind limbs. They feast on ripened fruits. They occasionally eat insects, bird’s eggs and insect larvae. Roots, fresh tender leaves, bark and decaying wood also form a part of their diet. They eat as soon as they catch hold of their foodstuffs. They do not migrate to a separate place for consumption. You could find these animals eating while they are climbing, jumping or hanging.

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What Do Spider Monkeys Eat