What Is The Difference Between A Monkey And An Ape

What Is The Difference Between A Monkey And An Ape ?

Monkeys and apes are different in numerous aspects. Although both belong to the same family of Primates, these animals have evolved differently over time and are completely diverse in terms of their organ development, intellectual thinking and reasoning. Both however belong to the same subgroup of Anthropoids.

They are classified as “Old World” and “New World” monkeys. The former live in Asia and Africa while the latter in America. There are nearly 200 different monkey species found the world over. They have forward facing eyes like humans but a lesser complex brain development. Limbs are typically curved and long. The New World monkeys use their tails for grasping branches and woods. These tails are also used as suspension levers helping the animals hang from trees. The Old World ones on the other hand do not possess powerful tails and cannot hang. Monkeys are predominantly found on trees. Baboons, capuchins and tamarins also belong to the monkey family. Their chests are long, arms and legs longer, and tails generally longer than the rest of the body. Their brain development is still in its infancy.

These are classified as “greater apes” and “lesser apes” depending on their size. The larger ones like gorillas, bonobos and chimpanzees belong to “greater apes” category while siamangs and gibbons belong to the “lesser apes” category because of their small size. They do not have tails. They make use of their powerful arms to swing from one place to the other. They are generally found on the ground and occasionally on trees. All ape species, with the exception of gibbons, are larger than monkeys. They are extremely intelligent and are closest to humans in terms of thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills. A few ape species have been found to have a genetic make up that is 98 percent similar to humans.

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What Is The Difference Between A Monkey And An Ape