What Is The World Smallest Monkey

What Is The World Smallest Monkey ?

Found in the rainforests of Eastern Ecuador, Brazil, southeastern Colombia and eastern Peru, the Pygmy Marmoset is the world’s smallest monkey species ever discovered until date. They are extremely difficult to detect for two reasons. Firstly, because they are found on the high canopies of rainforests making it difficult to spot for humans eyes and secondly, these shy creatures tend to avoid human contact and are rarely found on the ground. An occasional visit to a nearby pool or pond for drinking water is the only time they are found running on the forest floor surface.

They are about fourteen to sixteen centimeters in length. They have a small curled tail that is approximately the same size as that of their body. The males weigh a modest five ounces while the females are approximately four ounces. These species are monogamous but live in groups of 2 to 10. The females have a gestation period of four to five months. These monkeys have strong familial relationships. Mothers carry the younger ones in their mouths. The fathers and other adult monkeys in the group care and nurture the younger ones equally.

Their small size does not deter these animals from feasting on a variety of plants. They have a diverse appetite and are seen munching on nearly sixty different plant species. They also eat arthropods. They feed on fruits and insects seen running on trees. They can also make holes into tree barks and collect water and sap! Size is not a deterrent when it comes to their hunting skills.

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What Is The World Smallest Monkey