What Kind Of Food Do Monkeys Eat

What Kind Of Food Do Monkeys Eat ?

Monkeys belong to the family of Primates and are often found hanging from treetops. They have long fore and hind limbs, which are well supported with powerful tails. There are nearly 200 different monkey species found the world over. They are broadly classified as “Old World” and “New World” monkeys. The former are found in Asia and Africa while the latter are found in America. They are morphologically different.

The Old World monkeys have cheek pouches and rear pads with a less developed tails while the New World ones do not have cheek pouches or rear pads. Instead, they have very long powerful tails that aid in grasping branches and foods, helping these monkeys suspend themselves upside down.

Monkeys feed on a variety of fruits growing on forest trees. They also eat vegetables, aerial roots, bird’s eggs, barks, decaying wood, tender young leaves, seeds and insects. In some cases, these monkeys also drill a hole in barks to consume ants running inside the tree barks. They also feed on reptiles!

However, these animals are predominantly herbivores. Plants and plant products form the major part of their diet. They eat grasses, shrubs and herbs found closer to the ground. You will also spot monkeys drinking honey and nectar of various plants.

Deforestation and indiscriminate destruction of forests have caused monkeys to dwindle in large numbers. A lack of habitat and feeding ground has had a serious impact on these animals, destroying the entire ecosystem of the planet. Many species have already been listed as endangered or rare.

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What Kind Of Food Do Monkeys Eat