Where Do Monkeys Live

Where Do Monkeys Live ?

Monkeys belong to the family of Primates. They are mammalian in origin and live in troops. Nearly 200 different monkey species have been discovered in the wild. They are found across Asia, Africa and Central and South America. A small population has been spotted in Australia and North America. While New World monkeys are found in parts of America, the Old World monkeys are found in Asia and Africa. Both these monkeys differ tremendously in terms of morphology.

Tropical rainforests are home to abundant monkey species. They love hanging from branches and jumping from one tree to the other. They have long fore and hind limbs that help these animals glide across trees. Certain species of monkeys also make use of their powerful tactile tails to hang from branches. Often, these tails acts as a fifth limb helping the animals support and balance. A few monkey species are found living on the forest floor. However, these species are less organized that their tree dwelling counterparts. Monkeys also act as vectors and help in seed disposal, aiding plants in cross-pollination, a feature essential for plants to survive in the region.

Apart from their jumping skills, these animals are athletic swimmers too. Although they are not found near water bodies, they can swim across a pool or lake with ease. The Asian and African monkeys are arboreal and terrestrial in nature while the Amazon monkeys are found living on canopies. In South America, the Saki monkeys dwell in mountainous landscape of the region. Apart from forests, monkeys also live in mountainous hilly regions, grasslands and plains.

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Where Do Monkeys Live