How Many Gorillas Are Left

How Many Gorillas Are Left ?

Gorillas' are found in both tropical and subtropical forests of Africa. There are many species of Gorillas. The Mountain Gorillas are found in Albertine Rift and cloud forests of Virunga Volcanoes. Lowland Gorillas are found in lowland swamps, dense forests and marshes. Western Lowland Gorillas live in parts of Central West Africa. Eastern Lowland Gorillas live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which is near the border of Rwanda.

In late the 90s, scientists estimated that there are only 50,000 western lowland gorillas left in the African forests. On the other hand only about 600 mountain gorillas left and is heading towards extinction. The populations of eastern lowland gorillas are down to 2,500.

Till year 1989, mountain gorillas of Virunga Volcanoes were regularly encountered, so the numbers of gorillas were checked. However, it is impossible to count the exact number of gorillas, as gorillas are usually shy and stay away from the humans. The researchers depend on the traces the gorillas leave. This includes their nests, which help to calculate the population. The researchers and scientists walk along, straight lines called transects, which have been pre-determined through parts of forests. They record all the gorilla nests that are visible to them from the path or transect.

In the year 2010 the scientists declared there were about 250-300 Cross River gorillas left while number of western lowland gorillas increased up to 200,000. But unfortunately, only 302 of Bwindi gorillas, 480 of mountain gorillas are left. The count of Grauer's gorillas is down to 5000. Still the exact number of the population is not yet known. Nowadays, a number of species of gorillas have come down because of Ebola and bush meat hunting. So, gorillas are now considered as endangered species.

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How Many Gorillas Are Left