How Strong Are Gorillas

How Strong Are Gorillas ?

Gorillas, the largest primates, live in Africa and are herbivorous. There are a number of subspecies of gorilla including the mountain gorilla (Gorilla gorilla beringei), the western lowland gorilla (G. g. gorilla) and theeastern lowland gorilla(G. g. graueri). The mountain gorilla is the largest and strongest among the gorillas. Adult male gorillas (silverbacks) are much larger than the female gorillas and are between 1.65m – 1.75m in height. They weigh around 200 kg. Female gorillas are much smaller, being about 1.4 m tall and weighing around 100 kg.

Gorillas usually walk on all fours, on their knuckles, although they can walk upright. Gorilla arms and arm muscles are much stronger than those in human arms. Gorilla arms are much longer and stronger than their legs. Gorillas have an arm span 30 cm longer than a human adult male. An adult male silverback gorilla has strength about six to ten times that of a man. This allows them to lift, squeeze and break much heavier objects. Gorillas are capable of tearing up small trees and saplings and bending steel objects like gun barrels.

Many studies indicate gorillas may to eight times as powerful as Olympic weightlifters and may be able to lift two tons above its head. Adult male silverbacks may be even stronger – they may be ten times as powerful as a man. Despite their great strength, gorillas are not aggressive animals. When disturbed they roar, beat their chests, stand on two legs, make threat displays by running sideways and uprooting plants but rarely attack.

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How Strong Are Gorillas