Where Do Gorillas Sleep

Where Do Gorillas Sleep ?

Gorillas usually sleep in their nests, build by them. Nests can be on ground or may be on trees. It depends totally on circumstances and habitats. Females and baby gorillas usually prefer trees. The silverbacks usually do not sleep in trees.

Lots of factors are there to determine the position of the nests. Gorillas build nests in trees, when there is lots of vegetation, with which they build their nest. A nest, built in trees is made with small branches layered on top of larger branches, making a big and a stout platform, to support their weights. The height protects them from dangers and they can have a look from a higher level.

Sometimes they discover areas on ground, which seems safe to them. They will put together branches, plants and bushes into a very tight area. They will hook all of them together to form the nest. Smaller plants are sometimes bent inwards, making the rim of the nest. Each of them builds their own nest. Some gorillas build new nests every night. The researchers track the number of gorillas and study their behavior by counting the number of gorilla nests.

Construction of the nests begins almost about two hour before night falls. Baby gorillas sleep with their mothers in same nest, till age of three. The instinct lies within the young ones to build their own, so they sometimes practice building its own nest, while the mother builds her own nest.

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Where Do Gorillas Sleep