How Much Money Does Albert Pujols Make ?  

Albert Pujol the first baseman of Cardinals almost made $13,870,949 just in 2008. He is an extremely meticulous player known for his consistency and marvelous performances. His 2009 salary came up to $14,427,326. His 2006 and 2007 salary looked something like $14,000,000 and $12,937,813 respectively. He charges $89057.57 a game. If this was too much, then here is something that will make you stop blinking.

His contract after 2012 is going to smell like hot cakes. He will turn to become an unrestricted free agent since then. He is presently in his tenth major season. Since the beginning of his career he has averaged 41 hrs with 124 RBIs and average .334 batting. He has 3 MVP awards to his kitty followed by eight All-Star Game appearances. He also won five silver sluggers and has been often voted the best player.

Pujol was also named the player of the month not once but twice in 2009. He is known for contributing immensely to this community in the form of charity and also won the Roberto Clemente Award in 2008. He belongs to the list of five players to have actually won the MVP awards. The other four are Stan Musial, Barry Bonds Mike Schmidt and Roy Campanella. Also one rare thing about him would be that he is very selective and uses different bats for righties and so for lefties. He is very shy and gets quite nervous while talking to media or public. And what truly amuses this player is not baseball but basketball. He is an immense fan of Vince Carter and Kobe Bryant. He had initially paid almost $2500 for Roger Clemens gloves but later on gave it to his young fan. He is also a movie buff and his favorite film happens to be Gladiator.

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How Much Money Does Albert Pujols Make




Baseball Player :

Albert-Pujols-Biography      Albert Pujol was born on 16th January 1980 in Santo Domingo. He is a very well known baseball player and known for his exceptional hits. He is known for his consistency in performance and his association with St. Louis Cardinals. He is also presently the best baseball player available. He became the first player to hit some 30 home runs on 5th August 2005. His family had shifted to the US in the initial 1900s. He kept shifting from Dominican Republic to Missouri and finally settled in New York City. More..




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