Barry Bonds Seperation  

Barry Bonds has most often been questioned for his involvement with consuming drugs and steroids. He though officially was never tested positive. That did not stop news been floating about activities between him and his trainer. His trainer has been arrested for allegedly involving in supplying steroids. He remarried Liz Watson in 1998. He also had an intimate relationship with Kimberly Bell and had purchased a home for her at Arizona.

His marriage to Liz Watson took place on 10th January 1998. It was held at San Francisco Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the presence of 240 guests. He did stay with Liz Watson and Alisha in Beverly Hills, California. But this lasted for just ten years as problems started erupting from 2009 onwards. Finally on 9th June 2009, he filed for divorce. He also stated that the problems were irreconcilable. They did give the marriage another try but finally Watson filed for divorce on 26th February 2010. She is been seeking constant support and custody of her daughter from the former Giants player.

He is awaiting trial in the federal court also for falsely lying in front of the jury on his consumption of drugs. The main witness in the case was Kimberly Bell who confided to the jury that he readily accepted on the use of steroids.

Kimberly Bell dated Bonds when he got separated from his first wife. Their relationship went for a good five years after which he chose to remarry Watson whom he met at a club. At one pint nobody signed him after the 2007 baseball season and he was forced to go on voluntary retirement. He remarried Watson after a six year court ordeal with Susann Branco over share of his fortune.

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Barry Bonds Seperation




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How-Many-Home-Runs-Does-Barry-Bonds-Have      Barry Bonds is a famous baseball player who was allegedly involved in use of steroids. He did manage to break Babe Ruth’s previous record of reaching second when it came to career home run. His score during the San Francisco v/s Oakland Athletics led to 4-2 10-inning victory. Bonds also became the third baseball player to have scored 714 home runs. Before starting to score he received a standing ovation soon after his incredible home run score. This led to an approximate wastage of 90 seconds. Although he came clean after allegations of consumption of drugs, teammates did cheer him on his back. More..




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