How Many Home Runs Does Barry Bonds Have ?  

Barry Bonds is a famous baseball player who was allegedly involved in use of steroids. He did manage to break Babe Ruth’s previous record of reaching second when it came to career home run. His score during the San Francisco v/s Oakland Athletics led to 4-2 10-inning victory. Bonds also became the third baseball player to have scored 714 home runs. Before starting to score he received a standing ovation soon after his incredible home run score. This led to an approximate wastage of 90 seconds. Although he came clean after allegations of consumption of drugs, teammates did cheer him on his back.

Bonds had also scored a 29 (batting) after hitting 713 just on a 450 ft shot in Philadelphia. He was awarded the MVP awards not twice but a record of seven times. He made history along with Halsey scoring a 1-1 in the sixth season. He also scored a good 73 home runs in the year 2001 and broke Mark McGwire’s record of 70 home runs. Bonds also hit a nine career home runs during the 21st league season. He made constant appearances with his position dripping and increasing at 714 and 713 respectively. He walked out with 3 intentional, 4 strikeouts, 6 runs scored, two RBI since his last home season.

He is the son of Bobby Bonds who was considered as a great baseball player. Hence, most of his childhood went spending time at clubhouses in Candlestick Park. He has the game in his blood and the passion within him since childhood.

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How Many Home Runs Does Barry Bonds Have




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Barry-Bonds-Biography      Barry Lamar Bonds is born on July 24, 1964 was a former, Major League Baseball outfielder. He played in position of Leftfielder; he was a left-handed batsman and a thrower. Bonds played from the year 1986 until 2007 for the San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates. His final game was on September 26, 2007. He is the son of the former Major League All Star player Bobby Bonds. He made his debut in MLB in 1986 when he began playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Later, he joined the San Francisco Giants in 1993. He stayed there through 2007. More..




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