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Spiderman has been one of the most popular comic strips across the world created by marvel comics. He is one of the American heroes and there is no child or adult who does not know who Spiderman is. He is a fictitious character, and there are several series of Spiderman released actually. The costume to the story line everything was a great success with Spiderman.

The main character of Spiderman is Peter Parker who gets bitten by a spider and soon notices that he gains supernatural powers. He develops spider life reflexes and qualities. He realizes that he can also spin webs and literally fly across the sky. However, his uncle whom he stays with says that with great power come great responsibility and that one should use their powers only for the good. So, Spiderman is literally present wherever there is a problem. He immediately comes to know of dangers because of his reflexes.

In his normal life, Peter Parker is in love with his childhood sweetheart and neighbor and never tells her his intentions. He is shy and also an introvert. There have been several versions of the Spiderman movie that has been made until today. First it started as a comic strip and then it became a cartoon. The Spiderman movie was released in 2003 and then again on 2005 and then in 2008 and one more sequel is going to be made. Currently Leonardo DiCaprio is being considered for the movie of Spiderman. The role of Peter Parker has been played by Tobey McGuire until recently.

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Actors From Spiderman




How-Many-Spiderman-Movie-Are-They-Going-To-Make      Spiderman is a fictitious character created by Stan Lee for Marvel Comics. He is another American hero who is always present to rescue of people in trouble and is just a normal person in his real life. Spiderman is the story about a boy Peter Parker who leads a normal life of a high school graduate. More..




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