How To Draw Spiderman ?  

Spiderman is one of America’s favorite fictional hero and character. From small kids to even gown up young men love Spiderman. It is the idea of a normal next door kind of guy turning into a superhero and in great things those appeals to the masses. This concept has caught on in several other comic strips like Phantom, Superman and Hulk and so on.

We get several Spiderman clothes and items also. These comic characters are common and can be seen on tee shirts, and there are even costumes that are sold for kids and adults.

Did you ever wonder how you can draw your own Spiderman? It is very easy. However, you need to have the basic concepts of drawing in place. You should be good at sketching as well. The Spiderman does not have any visible features other than a strong muscular body. So, you should be able to bring out the contours of the body. Also, you can draw several poses of the Spiderman that are popular like the way he sits or stands or even spins the web. The Spiderman’s face is oval and is the most easiest to draw. Keep a picture of Spiderman in your favorite pose in front of you. Draw the face and outline the arms with the hands and the fingers first. The fingers look best when they are spread out. Draw the legs accordingly whether he is sitting down or standing up. Once you have the outline of the picture pay close attention to the costume. The colors of the costume are highlighted in s specific way. Basically you have to draw and color small checkered design in red and blue. Of late, Spiderman is also being featured in black and grey costumes.

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How To Draw Spiderman ?




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