Iron Man Vs Spiderman  

Spiderman was one of the most successful movies that were released in the year 2002 starring Toby McGuire in the lead role as Peter Parker and he was fighting the famous Green Goblin. In the comic strips, Spiderman has fought several villains and as long as there are villains to fight, more and more Spiderman movies will be made. There have been more sequels of Spiderman after that and currently the new Spiderman is also under production.

Spiderman versus the Iron Man is the most anticipated movie. Tony Stark wears an invisible costume and he is against Spiderman this time. Will it take off is a big speculation that people have and that is why it is all the more anticipated. Even in this movie Spiderman has his super spider powers and is all set to fight evil.

Heroes like Spiderman never fade and never die in the movies. They always emerge to be victorious and even though the audience is well aware of the story line the movie still captures their interest. It is the beauty of the comic strip. Of late, Spiderman is the most popular comic strip that is made into movies more than superman or any other comic strip hero. It is quintessential hero character of America that the Spiderman plays. Spiderman against the Iron Man is supposed to be a legend, and this story which pits the webbed hero against a billionaire, aka Iron Man, is repeatedly winning acclaim. This time the billionaire develops a costume of the Iron Man and can become invisible when he pleases. The details of the story line have not been revealed to the press yet, but it is only a few weeks away from its release.

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Iron Man Vs Spiderman




Spiderman-Biography      Spiderman was created by Marvel Comics and by Stan Lee that also created the Incredible Hulk, for example. Spiderman is the quintessential America hero and is just like any other superhero story actually. However, the Spiderman has been special because of his special spider like powers. More..




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