Too Low Of A Fat Diet Problems  

During the 1970s, low fat diet became a fad after a person named Nathan Pritikin come of the TV program 60 Minutes and claimed that it was because of this diet that he was able to beat his heart disease. Pritikin was detected with the heart disorder at an early age and it was then he made up his mind to alter his diet. It is said that eating a diet rich in saturated fats results in heart disease, which is the top killer of people in the US. However, of late more research is being conducted on fats, and it now turns out that consuming a too low of a fat diet can lead to health issues, as certain fats are necessary for the body.


According to Medicine Net, fats are important for the body and along with carbohydrates and proteins, it provides a source of energy for the body. Medicine Net website states that fats produce 9 calories of energy per gram. Furthermore, fats are also important for the body as they help to regulate hormones, support cell membrane and aid in the assimilation of 4 vitamins, namely A, E, D and K, which are fat soluble vitamins.

There two types of fats, saturated and unsaturated. The latter is further subdivided into polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. These fats tend to break down easily and as a result they produce less energy compared to saturated fats. Also, these fats have a lower melting point when compared to saturated fats and attain liquid state when kept at room temperature. Hence, these fats can turn rancid rather fast, especially when exposed to heat or high temperature. Unsaturated fats include canola oil, olive oil, safflower oil and soy oil.

Saturated fats are important for the body as they lend support to different organs in the body and used in the formation of cell membranes. For instance, the heart is protected by saturated fat. This type of fat remains in the solid state when kept at room temperature. In fact, it was because of this that doctors believed that plaque formation in arteries was because of consumption of saturated fats. However, now it has been found out that plaque formation occurs due to deposits of cholesterol and calcium over a period of time, due to stress, increased insulin level or toxins.

Many people assume that cholesterol is fat. However, it is a alcohol containing hormone and is produced by the liver. It is transported via blood with the help of proteins. It is the low density lipoproteins that are responsible for transporting cholesterol from the liver via the bloodstream. This cholesterol is then used by the cells for different cellular processes. The high density lipoproteins are responsible to transporting excess amounts of cholesterol to the liver, where it is converted to bile.

Now that we know about different types of fats, let us look at the dangers of consuming a low fat diet.

As mentioned above, fats are required for several processes in the body. Hence, when a person consumes a low fat diet, it causes problems in these processes. For one, fat soluble vitamins will be absorbed by the body. Other problems include fatigue, weakness, lack of concentration, disorders related to metabolism, depression and imbalance of hormones. Furthermore, a too low fat diet prevents people from consuming animal products, which are some of the main sources of fat. Hence, such people tend to increase their intake of carbohydrates. However, by eliminating animal products from their diet, these people end up with protein deficiency. Also, such people will lose a lot of weight, which can cause serious calorie restriction and can also result in wasting of the muscles due to protein deficiency.

Hence, before going on a too low of a fat diet, find out the risks involved. It is best to consume foods that have natural fats rather than avoiding fats altogether.

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Too Low Of A Fat Diet Problems


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