Does Extrasensory Perception Exist ?

Does Extrasensory Perception Exist ?

Extrasensory perception is also known as ESP and some people have this power within them. It is also referred to as the sixth sense. Even animals have extra sensory perception and that is how they protect themselves. For example, when the tsunami occurred in Malaysia, the elephants, which were taking tourists by the beach, started running in the other direction much before the tsunami occurred. This is a form of extra sensory perception, and the animals are concentrating or reading the signs related to the future.

Even human beings can read the signs and correlate the facts in order to predict the future. Human beings have five normal senses like smell, touch, sight, hearing and feeling. The sixth sense is the ability to sense something that cannot be heard, seen or smelt but only be felt.

ESP is an independent feeling that occurs in the head rather than anything else. It is like a vision which is about to come true. Several people have a feeling about something and when it comes true they are shocked about it. For instance, if you were able to tell which lottery ticket is going to win, then it is a form of ESP that gives you the ability to foretell this.

ESP is also related to clairvoyance and dreams. It is often referred to the department of parapsychology because even psychiatrists do not understand how the human mind is able to perceive these notions. ESP is used in predictions, Tarot reading, telepathy and so on.

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Does Extrasensory Perception Exist