What Is Extrasensory Perception ?

What Is Extrasensory Perception ?

Extra sensory perception or sixth sense or ESP is defined as the power of the human or the animal mind to seek information that is not perceived by the five normal senses that a human being has. Several people have extra sensory perception, but they refuse to believe in it. That is because they are not able to connect those feeling with any of their normal senses. For example, several times a mother has some feelings about her new born baby and invariably it is correct. It may be a feeling that the baby is going to fall from the crib or that it is going to fall sick. These are also known as motherly instincts, but these are perceived by the extra sensory perceptions which lie within the human mind.

There is no tangible evidence which can prove that the extra sensory perceptions exist in the real world. The extra sensory perception is also called paranormal.

Sometimes people claim that they can see ghosts or they talk to dead people. It is depicted in the movie called sixth sense. These people are often categorized as having mental problems and are called schizophrenic. However, there is a remote possibility that the ESP in them is over active and they are able to see or hear things which are not perceived by the five normal senses. Even animals have ESP and they often feel it first if there is a natural calamity like an earth quake or tsunami that is going to take place. This was experienced in realty by several animal behavior experts.

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What Is Extrasensory Perception