Is Astral Projection Real ?

Is Astral Projection Real ?

Several people question if these astral projections are really happen and if it can happen to them. For one astral projection can happen involuntarily and voluntarily also. If this is real or not, one has to check on their own and relate to their experiences in their life.

Astral projections can happen only when we are in deep sleep. All these concepts fall in the grey areas of Para psychology where nobody has the proof but still experiences some amount o it. Several people have experiences that they were not prepared of or were not aware of. These experiences have no explanation and sometimes hen we wake up in the morning we do not have an explanation for what happened during the night. Most human beings are born with unknown experiences and only as time goes by can they unravel these experiences.

People who have psychic abilities are more susceptible to these astral projections.

Sometimes you can make these experiences happen to you by learning how to do it.

Astral projection is the process of leaving your body and traveling. The soul travels and it can also happen involuntarily. It may seem like a dream which is very real when you are in the mode of astral projections. There is no research to prove that astral projections are real because it is impossible to collect evidence for it. Astral projections are related to something that is invisible and cannot be perceived. They also happen to a person in a dream like state.

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Is Astral Projection Real