What Does Clairvoyance Mean ?

What Does Clairvoyance Mean ?

The word clairvoyant comes from the French word clair, which means clear, and voyant, which means sight. So a person who is a clairvoyant can see clearly things that cannot be seen by others. They have premonitions about the future events and can also accurately point out incidents that are going to take place at a future point of time.

Clairvoyants have extra sensory perceptions and they see through their minds eye. Some people are born with such extra ordinary capabilities and some people achieve it through their own efforts. Clairvoyance can be achieved by a normal person and it requires concentration and meditation. When you learn to concentrate in your own inner energies you will see that even you feel something within if there is an incident going to take place.

Normally every person feels they have inner voices telling them or stopping them from doing a certain thing. It may seem like a conversation that goes on within your mind. This is nothing but an inner voice which is clairvoyant. So when you develop this ability to learn to listen to your inner voice and try to concentrate on the possibilities it is trying to suggest, you can become an effective clairvoyant.

People who are very spiritual and have extra sensory perceptions are also very good clairvoyants. They attain this ability through spirituality. So being a spiritual person also helps you to develop clairvoyance and insights. Clairvoyance is a capability which lies within you and that can be developed if you wish.

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What Does Clairvoyance Mean