What Is Precognition ?

What Is Precognition ?

Precognition is a type of extra sensory perception that an individual feels even before they experience it. It could be a kind of vision or thought or just a feeling at the end of the day. However, psychiatrists believe that having knowledge and information of the future is not reliable all the times, and many say it could just be a gut feeling. But people have learned to harness this energy which resides within their body and use it for telling the future.

Clairvoyance and premonitions fall under the same category. A precognition can be in the form of a warning or a sound advice that comes from within. If a person has been emotional about something and has been involved with some premeditated thought, then such precognitions could occur. Sometimes they come true also. For instance, some people may be afraid of a place or a person, and it is their gut feeling which causes the fear. Precognition produces images of such people or places. However, a third party observer may find the whole thing to be completely as absurd.

Precognition also triggers some kind of psychic abilities. There are many people who are good with psychic abilities and have proven time and again that premonitions do come true. People whoa are generally over sensitive get precognition images frequently.

A person who has such feelings often believes in them but when they discuss it with others it might seem as sheer nonsense. There is no way one can justify or prove these experiences but it happens to almost all human beings.

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What Is Precognition