What Is Pyrokinesis ?

What Is Pyrokinesis ?

Pyrokinesis in short is the ability to control fire suing the powers of your mind. It is an advanced skill and could take several years of practice to achieve it. It is also very dangerous if you do not how to control the energy that surrounds you. The fire that you are trying to control can also turn harmful for you and you may end up getting burnt.

Pyrokinesis also allows you to control the fire in such a way and direct it in whichever direction you want. So basically you can manipulate fire to do whatever you want it to.

One of the ways you can develop these skills is by practicing an art called the dancing flame.

In order to practice this art, one should be in a quiet place and meditate for a long time. To begin with, you start by lighting a match and concentrate on the fire energy. Mentally you will need to cerate a tunnel between your mind and the flame. Now you need to start visualizing that the flame is going to go out. If you are successful, then the flame will be put off without you doing anything. However, more than putting of the flame, making it ignite is the most difficult part. You need to focus with all your energies on relighting the flame that you have put off. It may happen the first time or after several trials and there is no guarantee of you achieving success. One has to be mentally strong and should not allow any other thoughts while trying to ignite the power. This kind of ability comes only after years of meditation.

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What Is Pyrokinesis