How Does The I Ching Work

How Does The I Ching Work ?

I Ching is believed to be the oldest book in the world that tackles the system of intuitive decision making. The system is consulted using tossing of coins or yarrow sticks, and the way the coin or yarrow sticks fall has to be then checked against the sixty-four patterns of change that are gotten from the constantly changing dynamics of Yin and Yang.

Usually people who know about I Ching use it get answers to questions related to their personal life and situations. This method of divination has been used in China for centuries, and knowing how to use it allows a person to make the right decisions at the correct time. You must be wondering how does I Ching work. In order to understand the working of I Ching, it is important that you purchase the book that has been translated into English. This book will give you all the sixty-four patterns and their meanings. This way you will figure out what the patterns mean and be able to correlate it to the tossing of coins or yarrow sticks, depending on what you are using.

In I Ching, the most potent lines are the changing lines. Being able to understand these lines will allow you to understand the factors that are changing things in your life at present. These changing lines are always related to the present. While the odds of casting changing lines are high, you can still get changing lines when you cast more number of I Ching's hexagrams. Based on where the changing lines are located, you can deduce their meanings.

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How Does The I Ching Work