How To Read The I Ching

How To Read The I Ching ?

The first every written mention of I Ching was over three thousand years ago and over the centuries several contributions have been to I Ching via the Book of Changes, also referred to as Yi Jing Zhouyi in Chinese. However, the 2 main people who have contributed to I Ching are King Wen of the Chou Dynasty and the famous Chinese philosopher Confucius.

I Ching is a method of divination that reads patterns based on hexagrams. The patterns of the hexagrams related to the forces that affect the universe at that precise time. People use I Ching to get advice on how deal with a particular situation. Many people have heard of I Ching, but they do not know how to read it.

Here is a brief explanation on how to read the I Ching.

A reading of I Ching is made up of 3 parts, namely the question being asked, figuring out the hexagrams using coins or yarrow stick, and finally relating the hexagram to the relevant text of the I Ching so that it can be interpreted.

However, since there are many translations of the first Book of Changes, there are different interpretations of the book. Hence, when hexagrams are interpreted, the interpretation will depend on which translated version of the book a person is using. This will also cause a variation in how I Ching is read. Most of the translations have simplified I Ching and the sections included by Confucius, called Ten Wings or Yi Jing, are not mentioned. Nonetheless, if you get a good translation of I Ching, you will be able to get the full translation of what the original text means, the interpretation of each line within the hexagram and also of the hexagrams, and the translator's interpretation of the lines as well as the hexagrams.

In I Ching, there are sixty-four hexagrams made up of 6 broken as well as unbroken lines. These lines form 2 trigrams, where each trigram is composed of 3 lines. The lines of the hexagram stand for the Yin and Yang and each hexagram relates to one of the chapters of I Ching. As per I Ching, every pattern of the hexagrams is associated with the situations of life and by understanding the meanings of the hexagrams, one will be able to understand how to react in different situations and how one's life is progressing.

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How To Read The I Ching