How To Use I Ching

How To Use I Ching ?

I Ching is a method of divination that was developed in China centuries ago. The predictions are made on the basis of sixty-four hexagrams that are formed from broken as well as solid lines representing Yin and Yang. Many people know of this method of divination, but do not know how to use it.

Here is a simple explanation on how to use I Ching.

As this method of divination is based on the energy flow of Yin and Yang, a person must understand this concept. Yin refers to the female energy, while Yang to the male energy. According to Chinese philosophy, when the 2 energies are not in balance, it creates disharmony and also results in the movement of energy from one direction to another to balance out the disharmony. This is the philosophy used in I Ching too.

To use I Ching, you need to do a coin toss. Let the heads of the coin represent Yang or all that is positive, while the tails should stand for Yin or all that is negative. You will need 6 coins for this and before tossing, calm yourself and your mind. Concentrate on the question you want answered and then toss the coins and allow them to come to complete stop before proceeding with the reading.

Once the coins stop moving, check out how many heads and tails are there. Now, pen down the hexagram based on the coins. Remember, it is important to select which coin will be the first one and which one will be last one. Thereafter, draw broken lines for Yin coins and solid lines for Yang coins. Once this is done, it is time to check out the I Ching. Take your translation and check out the sixty-four hexagram patterns. Relate the patterns to the ones that have been created when the coins were tossed. Once you have identified the pattern, read the corresponding translation of the hexagram. This will give you an indication of what is happening presently in your life.

In order to figure out the pattern of your life, you will have to do I Ching on a daily basis.

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How To Use I Ching