I Ching Meanings

I Ching Meanings

I Ching, or the Book of Changes, is an ancient Chinese form of divination. It is used to seek guidance on situations currently developing in a person's life. This method of divination uses the tossing of coins or yarrow sticks and the resultant pattern that is formed is seen as a hexagram. As per I Ching, there sixty-four possible hexagrams that can be formed with a tossed and understanding the meaning of each hexagram and individual line within the hexagram allows a person to get answers to the questions he or she has asked.

In order to be able to use I Ching effectively, you have to know the I Ching meanings of the sixty-four hexagrams.

Hexagram 1 is the called Ch'ien or the creative. If the hexagram has this pattern, it means that the creative forces of the universe are there for the person provided he or she is true to themselves.

Hexagram 2 is called Ku'n or the receptive. This hexagram means that the person has to build a receptive nature that will allow the wisdom to take roots and grow.

Hexagram 3 is known as Chun or initial difficulty. This hexagram portends a time for growth and starting new things albeit with a few obstacles.

Hexagram 4 is known as Meng or innocence. This hexagram means that a person's beginner's luck will soon vanish and hence, the person should look towards a person who is experienced to learn from him or her and also from their own mistakes.

Hexagram 5 is also known as Hsu or waiting. The meaning of this hexagram is self explanatory. The person should have the patience to wait in order for things to happen.

Hexagram 6 is known as Sung or contention conflict. This means that the person tends to impose his or her views instead of accepting what comes his or her way. When this happens, there is a conflict with natural order and it tends to attract opposite of what the person wants.

Hexagram 7 is known as Shih or the army. This hexagram signifies that a person show be firm in his or her purpose and also be an example to others. This will allow the person not only to attain his or her goal but also help in garnering support from others.

Similarly, by checking the I Ching, a person can get I Ching meanings for all the sixty-four hexagrams. The way the meanings are interpreted will have an effect on the steps the person takes in life. Hence, careful understanding of I Ching meanings is extremely important and necessary.

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I Ching Meanings