Should Religion Be Taught In School

Should Religion Be Taught In School ?

Religion is both beneficial as well as controversial since it can open a plethora of queries and sometimes the child might be too young or not of the age to understand certain explanations. There are a whole lot of religions that people around the world follow. Christianity, Jewish, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, the list seems endless. School children can not be taught religions at their level since it is very vast.

Children can be introduced to the fact that a whole array of religions exists and one should be tolerant towards another religion, but not in great detail. If a parent wants to expose a child to a particular religion, the best option is to send them to the religious schools which are dedicated towards this effort.

In public schools, teaching any religion in detail might not get appreciated by the student or it could be taken offensively if it against the free will of the child or parent. Recitation of prayers, reading the Bible or any other forms of religious worships should be discouraged since it could be equated to violation of rights of parents. The children at public schools should be encouraged to pray individually on their own and school authorities should not interfere with their religious beliefs.

Introducing religious thoughts in primary school may brain-wash their minds. Surveys in this regard have been made by sites like yahoo answers. A girl named Kizzy had to state that when she was as young as 6 years she was taught Christianity at school. While parents could have opted out of this education, the same was not exercised. Little Kizzy asked all questions which included the very existence of god. This experience makes her feel that religion should notbeintroduced at this impressionable age.

Another individual named Hewray stated that at 8 or 9 years of his childhood he was introduced to religious lessons. An old woman portrayed myths in the form of facts to him. This was like listening to stories of Antarctica or World War-II. This in fact had a reverse effect and Hewray felt that he along with other children were being brainwashed. This made Hewray intolerant towards theism.

It is impossible to publish textbooks introducing all religions at school level. The aspect of religion should be detached from the school and government likewise. Legal and political policy termed as separation of church-state clarifies that government and religions should be separate and independent of each other.

Religion should be limited as an individual’s choice and not generalized.

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