Christian Denomination Beliefs

Christian Denomination Beliefs

There are many different Christian denominations, and each denomination has its own set of beliefs. The most popular denomination is no doubt Catholicism. After the signing of Edict of Milan in the year 312, Christianity was legalized as a religion. Thereafter, the Council of Nicea that was held in 325 help to unite the different believers of Catholicism.

In Catholicism, the followers believe that the church is the only means of salvation. Furthermore, the denomination also advocates the existence of purgatory, a place that is somewhere between heaven and hell. A person spends time in purgatory to repent for his/her sins. Catholics all over the world believe in the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is a must for a Catholic to attend mass on Sunday and go for regular confessions to get absolved from sins and avoid purgatory.

The next Christian denomination is the Easter Orthodox Church. This denomination was started when Michael Cerularius was excommunicated by Pope Leo IX. Cerularius was Constantinople’s patriarch and was also the head of the Eastern Europe’s Roman Church. As a result of this excommunication, the church was divided into two – the Roman Catholic Church of the West and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

The Eastern Orthodox Church followed an absolutely different set of beliefs. The followers believed in the Holy Trinity, sin, salvation and Grace. The main focus of these beliefs was to communicate and become one with God.

The Pentecostal denomination of Christianity is a relatively modern denomination. It started some time in the latter half of the 19th century or the early part of the 20th century. The first recorded evidence of this denomination goes back to 1 January 1901. On this day Charles Parham started speaking in ancient languages all of a sudden at the Bethel Bible College located in the city of Topeka, which is in Kansas. William Seymour, a student of Parham, was responsible for starting the LA Azusa Street Revival in the year 1906. The followers of this denomination concentrate main on the spiritual gifts mention in 1 Corinthians 12 – 14. They believe in healing, prophecy and speaking in the ancient languages. When the Holy Spirit enters a person’s body, Pentecostal believers believe that the person has the ability to speak in the ancient languages of God, and a person should use this type of “possession” to pray to God every day.
Protestants were the Christian believers that did not agree with the Catholics. They segregated from the Roman Catholic Church some time in the sixteenth century. Within this Christian denomination, there are several other denominations, with the Baptist denomination being the most popular.

The Baptist denomination started with John Smyth in the year 1609 in The Netherlands. Smyth led a group of believers to form the General Baptist Church. However, another Baptist church was started by Henry Jacob in the year 1616. The second group formed by the Puritans followed the Calvin beliefs. Both groups believe in the power of baptism. In order to get salvation, a person must openly embrace Jesus Christ and this is followed by baptism with water.

John Calvin was responsible for starting another Christian denomination, the Presbyterian. According to Calvin, God has already selected certain people, who would gain direct entry into heaven. These people are considered as pre-destined. Besides this, Presbyterian Christian denomination also believes in the ultimate authority and power of the clergy and faith in God. These, in turn, would direct those chosen to heaven and salvation.

The Methodist denomination started when John Westley and his friends in England decided to take up preaching in a more dramatic and emotional manner. This denomination was responsible for the Great Awakening that began in the US between the 1730s and 1740s. Methodists believe in making the religion more personal for followers by associating them to their sins, guilt and how they can get redemption. The followers try to have a personal association with Christ every day, rather than once a week by attending mass.

The Lutheran denomination began in 1517 and Martin Luther was responsible for it. According to this Christian denomination, a person can get salvation just by having faith in Jesus Christ. It is not at all important for the believers to perform the rituals mandated by the Church to get salvation.

The Seventh Day Adventist was started by William Miller. He claimed that Christ would come back to Earth on 22nd October 1844. This denomination resulted in the second Great Awakening. However, when Miller’s prediction did not come true, many of his followers left the denomination. But, this denomination has again become popular. The Seventh Day Adventist followers believe that mankind will not enter hell. Rather, mankind will be annihilated and will stop existing altogether. And, those that can be saved will be saved. Furthermore, this Christian denomination holds service on Saturdays, as it believes that Saturday is the day of Sabbath.

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