Should Christians Be A Member Of More Then One Church

Should Christians Be A Member Of More Then One Church ?

Can a Christian attend two or more churches? The simple answer is “Yes”. One can be a participant of 2 churches though it is expensive to the parish. Parishes are usually taxed depending on the number of parishioners the church has. These funds are given to shelters and lesser parishes. The person must also be prepared to take the responsibility at both churches when they appeal for funds or donations. If you can fulfill these financial obligations without a problem, then there is no harm in being a member of more than one church.


In case you want to move, go to the new church, see if it suits you and let the old parish know about it. In case the parish is only two to three miles away from the old parish, it is best to continue with the previous one.

Attending regular church services demonstrates concern for Christianity and for others. This firstly shows love and faith on Christ, concern for other followers of Christ and most importantly if it is one cannot encourage others to follow Christianity on not being a good model themselves.

As a Christian, one becomes God’s family member and world-wide all members meet every week in different places to hear the words of God, to respond by means of prayers or songs and to inspire other Christians. As a family member one not only is encouraged to be a Christian but also encourages the others to be Christians or to convert to Christianity.

Churches are filled with sinning people like most of us, making it a difficult place to be in. In case there is a decent amount of ungodly activities happening, one may move to an alternative church. This is an easy option and usually the appropriate one. However, a difficult but better way is to continue with your current church, try showing the sinners their sins and assist them to change and repent.

As far as joining more than one church is concerned, most people prefer to get involved in just a single church activity. However, if you think you can help and inspire more people to take up Christianity or if you can get involved in the church activities of both the churches, it is perfectly okay to visit more than one church. The only thing that one must remember and respect is that one needs to get involved in all churchly activities for both the churches.

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