How Does Tarot Work ?

How Does Tarot Work ?

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a form of divination. There are some believe that believe greatly in the tarot cards and their readings, while there are others who claim that the cards are nothing but playing cards with mysterious and beautiful depictions on them.

While the debate on tarot card is ongoing, it may be useful to figure out How Does Tarot Work ?. Then you can decide for yourself whether it is something to believe in, or it should be cast aside as a joke and a way to scam innocent people.

First thing is understand is that tarot cards do not have any supernatural powers. They are used by readers as a tool to tell about a person's past, present and future. The reader has to have the necessary skills to accurate interpret the meanings of the cards. The tarot consists of a deck of seventy-eight cards. Out of these cards, fifty-six cards are further divided into 4 suits that are associated with different influences. These are swords that stand for intellect, wands that denote energy, cups for emotions and the pentacles for physical. Each suit starts with an Ace and ends with a King. The balance twenty-two cards are the trump cards, and they are prime representation of the major day to day occurrences in a person's life.

Each tarot card has a meaning attached to it. The cards are spread out by the reader in a particular pattern. The cards can be spread out in an arrangement of three cards ranging to twelve. Based on the placement of the cards, the reader will give his or her interpretation of each card. There are different ways to interpret the spread. For instance, according to one reader, a card can have the reverse meaning rather than what it is showing, while another reader will read it for what it stands.

The most common spread that tarot readers use is the Celtic Cross that comprises of ten cards. The cross of the spread can tell a person about incidences occurring in his or her life. The cards in outer part of the cross can tell about the influences and events that will have an impact on the person. While the cards that are situated on the left side of the inner cross give an indication about the person's immediate past, while the cards on the right can tell about the person's near future. The cards situated at the top of the outer cross tell about a person's conscious thoughts, while the cards located at the bottom can tell about a person's subconscious thoughts.

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How Does Tarot Work