How To Feel The Aura ?

How To Feel The Aura ?

Aura is the magnetic field around a person or object which speaks about the being, thought, emotions and so on. These auric vibrations balance one another and appear in different colors. They are visible to the peripheral vision and disappear when one consciously tries to look at them. They resemble the haze seen above the roads on summer days.

The feel of an aura can be experienced by first placing all the fingers together and facing them towards the knee. Then they should be spread away while keeping the focus of the vision in the same place. The shadow of the fingers can be noticed where they were seen previously.

Aura can be experienced by sensing the presence of someone standing behind without actually looking back.

One can sense aura by rubbing and then placing the palms about one foot away from a person or a plant. Move the palms closer as if to compress the air between the palms and the object and fell the change in the air density.

One can also sense aura by placing the palms close to the area of the body where pain may be experienced like the head. The temperature in the area close to the affected region will be different.
Aura can be felt easily when one moves the palms close to the skin of a horse. The difference in the temperature and hence the aura can be felt.

When one concentrates on seeing another person with a peripheral vision, aura can be seen in a particular color as a dense region around the head and solar plexus areas.

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How To Feel The Aura ?