How To Find Your Aura ?

How To Find Your Aura ?

Aura depicts the inner being of a person or object. The feelings, emotions, thoughts and sense of overall well being or otherwise will emanate from the person or object in the form of vibrations in different frequencies, each balancing the other. These vibrations are associated with different colors for different states.

One can practice the art of gauging aura in themselves or others. This would require the individual to detach from the disturbances around and concentrate on the spiritual and inner thoughts. One should be in full control over the inner thought, feeling and mind.

Personal aura can be felt in the following manner:

  • Stand in front of a large or medium size mirror in which the shoulders and upward are clearly visible.
  • Start by concentrating on the top of the left shoulder till the time the outline starts appearing transparent.
  • Focus and stare at a particular location till a color starts to appear along the line. This requires effort and the slightest loss in focus will result in losing the aura.
  • Practice by repeating the process to get the knack of seeing the color of the aura quickly.

Alternately, one can lie down before sleep time, raise the left arm and concentrate to see the transparent outline on the right side of the arm and continue keeping the focus till the color of aura becomes visible.

Since each color is associated with a particular inner being, individuals can understand about their inner stare of well being or otherwise by identifying the color and looking up the traits that it signifies.

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How To Find Your Aura ?