What Is A Talisman ?

What Is A Talisman ?

Talisman is a word derived from a Greek word which means to bring the effect. This is an object which has magical signs on it which is believed to bring supe-natural effect or protection on the person. Almost all the religions in the world have objects which are talismans used to bring some of the desired effects. These symbols emanate from sacred geometry, which is a means of getting out the inner truths to focus in an outward expression.

Some of the religious talismans are:

Kaballah and Jewish talisman:

  • Star of David: The 6 pointed star symbolized that god rules the universe and protects people.
  • Hamsa: A raised hand with 3 fingers pointing up or with 2 thumbs opposite to each other symbolizes protection against evil.
  • Five Metal Rings: Jupiter’s influence is summoned while making the silver ring with layers of gold, lead, tin and copper for success and development.
  • Tree of Life: A geometric symbol with god’s 10 divine numbers and 22 Hebrew alphabets forming the thirty-two paths of wisdom.

Egyptian talisman:

  • Scarab beetle: Symbolizes the one who will push ahead.
  • Ankh: A cross which depicts physical and eternal lives.
  • Heart

Christian talisman:

  • The Cross: Symbolizes the victory of Christ.
  • The Fish: Symbolizes Christ, the savior.

Buddhist talisman:

  • Buddha: Represents calmness, and serenity.
  • Mandala: Refers to the reality of life and death in our world of illusions.
  • Tibetan knot: Refers to re-birth and the karmic connection of the mind
  • Om: The curves depict the awakened, deep sleeping and dreamy states of mind.

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What Is A Talisman ?