Where Does Guava Grow

Where Does Guava Grow ?

Guava is a native plant of Mexico and Central America. It was spread to several other countries and continents by early travelers and is found in Asia, Pacific Islands, and Africa and even in American tropical areas. The guava is a subtropical fruit and needs warm weathers to grow.

The guava tree is a highly adaptable plant and can be easily grown in California and Florida. However, the temperature should not fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, the roots of the plant may rot. Hard freezing points can defoliate and freeze the plant. Apart from this, guavas are very sturdy and do not get infected easily. The tree can grow fast if planted in spring and summers.

Choose a sunny spot to plant the tree and it has to have partial shade. The trees need not have a lot of care and can proper with little effort. They are adaptable trees and grow on their own. The guava tree usually gives out flowers before the fruits. The ripening process for the fruits is very lengthy. The flowers of the tree can self pollinate and the seedlings will develop in a few months. The guava trees gives out fruits during various times of the year. If the weather is warm, the guava tree takes root fast. When the trees are developing flowers and fruits, the soil should be kept moist. If the plant is well watered, the soil will take care of itself.

The roots of a guava tree do not penetrate too deep into the soil, and hence, the tree requires moisture right round the year. Even if the soil has poor conditions, the guava grow in the soil. But it does not fare well in dry soil. Guava plants are propagated through seeds and this process can be carried out any time of the year. The plants sprout any time from 3 to 8 weeks. Some good varieties or specimens are grafted and developed from root cuttings. The soil temperature should be about 80 F for it to germinate and sprout.

In mild winter areas, guavas produce flowers right round the year. There is no specific season for the bloom. Guava fruit develops from a flower. A full grown fruit will be round and shaped like a lemon. The crown of the fruit will have five petals which are the remains of the flower. When the fruit is raw, it is hard and green in color. It will have a rough skin. As the fruit ripens, the skin will become smoother and when it is fully ripe, the fruit turns yellow in color.

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Where Does Guava Grow

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