Are Freeze Or Dried Herbal Supplements Better

Are Freeze Or Dried Herbal Supplements Better ?

Dehydrated and freeze-dried foods are different, so let us understand the difference. Both processes are somewhat similar as they both work towards removing moisture from food so that food can be preserved for a longer period of time.

In freeze drying, supplements are very swiftly frozen and then put into a powerful vacuum chamber where 98 percent of the moisture is removed in the form of vapor. This results in an end product which weighs markedly less then the original. When required, the food can rapidly be rehydrated to its former weight. Because of the low temperatures in freeze-drying, the taste, aroma, tissue and other properties of the frozen supplement remain unchanged. Products, when rehydrated, easily restore and closely resemble the original. Freeze-drying is essentially removal of water without compromising the other properties.

Dehydration is picking the best quality herbs, cleaning and trimming them so that only selected parts remain. These parts are then dehydrated leaving only around 2 to 3 percent residual moisture. Drying is normally done naturally in air, or by a complicated drying process in which heat is used to remove moisture. When heat is used to dry herbs, it is usually done at relatively low and controlled temperatures so that none of the essential properties are destroyed.

In both cases, the objective is to retain not just the characteristics, but to a large extent the original properties like color and flavor. Similarly both processes require that the dried product be packed in a sealed atmosphere. Because of the process, freeze drying will cost more.

In both cases care is taken to preserve all characteristics, and provided the packing is adequately air-tight, both would have the same shelf life. There is no reason to believe that one is better than another. However, it is believed that freeze dried herbal supplements are more potent compared to dried herbal supplements.

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Are Freeze Or Dried Herbal Supplements Better