Top Herbal Medicine Used To Decrease Blood Pressure

Top Herbal Medicine Used To Decrease Blood Pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is called the silent killer which afflicts 90 percent of mid aged adults. It is a condition where a person’s blood pressure is constantly elevated. Hypertension is classified in two categories. Essential hypertension affects from 90 to 95 percent of sufferers where no specific problem can be identified as the root cause.

Secondary hypertension is where the cause is identifiable such as with tumors or kidney disease. Hypertension, even of a moderate degree, results in diminished life expectancy and in extreme cases is the cause of a stroke, heart failure or an attack, renal failure or an arterial aneurism.

Blood pressure is read as two numbers, for example 140/80, where 140 is the systolic or peak and 80 the diastolic or minimum pressure in the arteries.

Herbal remedies are increasingly being used in the treatment of high blood pressure in conjunction with nutritional supplements. The top herbal ingredients used in treatment are:

Garlic: Helps break up the toxins that lead to hypertension, stimulates blood circulation and helps the digestive system. Lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Garlic also controls aggregation of sticky platelets in the blood thereby reducing the chances of clotting.

Folic acid: An aminoacid that lowers homocysteine levels, possibly because of which it results in reduced blood pressure levels.

Vitamin C: Reduces high blood pressure especially in those with moderately elevated levels.

Hawthorne: An extract from the Hawthorne berry, it dilates blood vessels, normalizes irregular heartbeats and boosts coronary circulation. Elevated blood pressure is significantly reduced.

Coleus Forskohlii: Said to be instrumental in breaking down fat stores and supports a healthy heart and healthy blood pressure.

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Top Herbal Medicine Used To Decrease Blood Pressure