What Does Anthrax Look Like ?

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What Does Anthrax Look Like ?

Anthrax is a disease that is caused by very small bacteria called Bacillus anthrasis. These bacteria can be viewed only though a microscope. Anthrax can be treated and prevented through vaccines. The bacteria mainly infect live stock and animals. It is also common in herbivorous animals.

Anthrax bacteria mainly live in the soil and it can survive for several days without getting into a body to feed. Humans, who come in contact with livestock that is infected with bacteria, can get the anthrax disease. People in professions that include working with cattle, leather industries, and meat processing companies can get infected with this type of bacteria. However, other people can get the bacterial infection when they handle raw meat or visit areas where there is infected livestock.

Anthrax infection mainly infects the gastrointestinal tract. It causes symptoms like severe stomach cramp, fever, and headaches along with diarrhea and dehydration. Anthrax can be diagnosed with a blood test. These symptoms are not visible and they can only be felt.

If a person gets infected with anthrax, they should go to a doctor immediately and take the antibiotics. Usually the course of medications lasts for about 60 days. If the person does not take medications the fever will last for some times and the symptoms will subside. However the bacteria will slowly infect several parts of the body in the mean time and after that it becomes extremely difficult to treat the disorder. At that time it becomes fatal for a person.

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What Does Anthrax Look Like