What Is Anthrax ?

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What Is Anthrax ?

Anthrax is a type of bacterial disease that is caused by bacteria called Bacillus anthrasis. It is an acute and infectious disease. In 2001, there was literally an epidemic of the anthrax disease. However, the United States suspected that it could have been a biological weapon. Anthrax affects people who interact with livestock under normal circumstances.

The bacteria that cause anthrax reside in the soil. It can live in the soil for several hundreds of years because it creates spores and these spores survive in the soil under any condition. The animals that graze in this type of soil can easily contract the bacteria. If a person comes in close contact with the animal, rears or even comes in contact with the skin, then he or she will be affected by the disease.

Anthrax was present before several thousands of years. Some of the writings discovered through archaeological excavations identified the mentioning of anthrax. It was also mentioned that the disease was caused by animals. Anthrax bacteria primarily affected animals that lived on the farm.

Based on various records from history anthrax has been divided into three types -- cutaneous, inhalation and gastrointestinal. Each of them is caused differently. Cutaneous through injuries, gastrointestinal when we consume infected meat, and inhalation when we breathe in the bacteria. The cutaneous anthrax is contracted when you have cuts and injuries on your skin. This type of anthrax is also very difficult to cure. Anthrax was a killer disease in historic times. However, today, vaccines and treatment in the form of antibiotics are available.

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What Is Anthrax