What Is The Medical Definition Of The Disease Anthrax ?

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What Is The Medical Definition Of The Disease Anthrax ?

The infection caused by the bacteria called Bacillus athracis is called anthrax. It mainly affects the livestock and does not directly infect the human beings. Anthrax is found in a certain type of soil and if the live stock feed on it they get anthrax and are infected by the bacteria. If humans come in close contact with the bacteria that is infecting the livestock, then they are affected by the disease.

There are three types of anthrax. One is the cutaneous anthrax which infects a person through cuts and bruises. When a person is injured and comes in contact with livestock that is infected, it is called cutaneous anthrax. This type of anthrax is very difficult to treat. The gastrointestinal anthrax is the type of infection that is caused when the person eats meat that is infected by the anthrax bacteria. Inhalation anthrax is caused when a person inhales the bacteria and is closely working with live stock or animals.

Anthrax is treatable if it is diagnosed immediately on infection. Penicillin and other variants of antibiotics are used to treat the disease. Vaccinations for anthrax are also available. These vaccinations should be administered by a medical practitioner. The vaccination is given three times over a period of few weeks. Also, anthrax mostly occurs in herbivorous animals. Dogs and cats are not likely to get these bacteria or contract them. The bacteria are more prevalent in fertile soils like fields and crops. The animals that graze or eat grass can get infected by the bacteria.

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What Is The Medical Definition Of The Disease Anthrax