Chickenpox Facts

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Chickenpox Facts

Chicken pox is termed as a childhood disease and is an extremely contagious one caused by a virus. It causes blisters on the skin. The virus of the chicken pox spreads from person to person on coming in contact with each other or touching the liquid when the blisters burst.

Chicken pox is a disease that can cure easily in adults and children. It affects children and people with lower immunity levels. However, if not treated properly, chicken pox can lead to several complications or even cause death.

There is a vaccine that can be used to prevent chicken pox. Chicken pox is caused by a virus called Varicella Zoster. The virus causes another disease known as the shingles. It belongs to the herpes virus family.

People usually get chicken pox when they come in direct contact with another person who has the disease. If a person has never had chicken pox, then they have higher chances of developing it. However, if a person has already been affected, then the body becomes immune to the disease and it is unlikely that they will get it again. Once the chicken pox infects the body, the virus stays inactive in the body for a life time. People cannot get chicken pox twice in their life time. However, they can develop variants of it, like shingles.

Chicken pox usually starts with a mild fever and then blisters start developing in the scalp, face and the body. It takes four to five days for the blisters to dry up. The person who has chicken pox is extremely contagious in the first two days.

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Chickenpox Facts