How Long Does Chlamydia Survive Outside The Body ?

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How Long Does Chlamydia Survive Outside The Body ?

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are similar in their transmission and symptoms. It is estimated that four million women every year are affected by this infection. In Chlamydia, the bacteria can be seen in the urethra and cervix, and it can also exist in rectum or throat. It is not easy to know whether you have it or not, because the symptoms are very noticeable.

Most of the women affected by Chlamydia do not notice the symptoms. The symptom of Chlamydia is cervicitis. Half of the sufferers who are women do not have any symptoms, but some may have abdominal pain or vaginal discharge. If the urethra is infected, the symptoms are same like an urinary tract infection, which include experiencing pain during urination and urinating often.

Chlamydia destructs the fallopian tubes. It may lead to pelvic infection. If it is untreated, around 30 percent of the infected women may get pelvic inflammatory disease. As there are no symptoms and it is not treated, most of the women experience fertility problems, tubal pregnancy and destruction of the fallopian tubes.

Most of the premature births happen due to Chlamydia infection. Mother can spread it to child at the time of pregnancy which causes conjunctivitis or pneumonia.

This is why the newborn is given an eye drop which contains the antibiotic to kill Chlamydia. This treatment with the eye drops is common because many women are infected and they do not have any symptoms to get cured.

Studies have proved that Chlamydia can stay outside a person’s body for around forty-five minutes.

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How Long Does Chlamydia Survive Outside The Body