Is There A Cure For Lyme Disease ?

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Is There A Cure For Lyme Disease ?

Lyme disease is caused by a tick bite in humans and these ticks are found on deer. Wherever the deer population is high, the chances of getting Lyme disease are higher. The prevalence of the disease is higher on the east coast in the United States.

The initial symptoms of Lyme disease are tiredness, muscle pain, headaches, sore throat, body pains and fever along with a red circular rash. The rash appears where the tick has bitten on the body. Lyme disease can be immediately treated by using antibiotics if the doctor has been able to diagnose it. The antibiotics kill the bacteria and also stop it from multiplying further. However, if the disease is left untreated, it can lead to several complications in the future. There is no cure available for the long term conditions that it can cause.

If Lyme disease has been left untreated, then the symptoms of it will still go away within a week, but the bacteria are left in the body and they keep multiplying even after the disease goes away. As the bacteria increase in the body, several complications like meningitis, arthritis, and permanent joint damage can occur. As a result, the bacteria also become more resistant to the antibiotic.

Antibiotics actually weaken the bacteria and the body manages to kill it. By not taking it, you are only strengthening the bacteria against your own body. The symptoms of Lyme disease are similar to various other fevers and infections. That is why when you notice a rash along with fever and sore throat, it is best to check with a doctor.

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Is There A Cure For Lyme Disease