Who Discovered Lyme Disease ?

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Who Discovered Lyme Disease ?

Lyme disease was first identified by a person called Dr. Allen Steere in 1975 in the US. There was a severe outbreak of rheumatoid arthritis in juveniles in a place called Lyme in Connecticut. After that the doctor decided to investigate it further, and he also observed that the onset of the illness was in summer.

In the year 1982, another scientist called Willy Burgdorfer isolated the spirochetes which belonged to the family of Borellia. He also found the same thing in the mid gut of the Ixodes ticks. These ticks were commonly found on deer. Deer were in high population on the East Coast, and that is why the prevalence of the disease was higher in these parts.

These days, almost every state in the US reports of thousands of cases of Lyme disease every year, especially in summer. The ticks on the deer multiply in summers, and on an average every deer can have nearly 200 to 400 ticks on them. Out of these, at least 40 percent of them will be the carriers of these bacteria. Not all tick bites will end up in Lyme disease. Only if the infected tick bites, then the possibility of Lyme disease is high.

Today, Lyme disease is one of the most common kinds of tick born diseases in the United States. From children to older people, everyone gets infected by the disease. However, prompt treatment will relieve the symptoms of the disease within a week if the antibiotics course is taken properly as per the instructions of the doctor.

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Who Discovered Lyme Disease