Fake Doctor Note Facts: Should You Use It To Get Out of Work?

Fake Doctor Note Facts: Should You Use It To Get Out of Work?

             When a person takes off from work because of illness, he or she has to submit a doctor's note at work. The note is a proof that you were actually ill and therefore, were unable to come in to work. However, at times, people are not feeling well, but not that ill to warrant a visit to a doctor. Or, they just want to take a day off from work to relax at home. In such circumstances, the person often resorts to using fake doctor note. In fact, many people are using these fake doctor notes ever so often to escape from work or to get excused for not meeting a project deadline.

             The question here is should you use fake doctor note to get out of work. Before looking into the ethical and legal aspects aspect of using these fake excuse notes, let us first understand a little more about these notes.

             With the advancement of technology, the World Wide Web has become a resource for any and everything. There are online companies that allow people to purchase these fake notes for a paltry sum. These notes are basically templates and samples that people can print, fill up and then submit at their workplace. The notes look authentic and come with letterhead and at times with even the seal. Based on the quality of the fake note, these companies charge a fee for downloading the template. (See Reference 1)

             Once a person downloads the template, he or she can customize it suit their needs. They can fill in a doctor's name, the city and state where they live and even add a state seal to give the note a genuine look and feel. Using these forged excuse notes, people then get out of work without having a real health problem or without having to do to a real doctor and spend money for seeing the doctor and getting a doctor's note. (See Reference 1)

             As the process of getting these fake excuse notes is so easy and does not cost a bomb, people use it without realizing the consequences.

             It goes without saying that a person should never use fake doctor notes. It is illegal and also morally incorrect to lie to your employer. Many people actually use real doctor's name in the fake doctor note. They then forge the doctor's signature. As the doctor in question has not issued the note, it becomes a forgery. (See Reference 2 and 4) In the US, forgery is a crime punishable by a jail term and fines. If you are caught using fake doctor note, not only will you lose your job, the employer can register a case of forgery against you. Based on the situation, you maybe sentenced to prison time. When a person forges a prescription, he or she can be sentenced to 8 years in prison and also be fined to the tune of $25,000. (See Reference 2) The penalties for forging fake doctor notes can be somewhat the same, though often the severity is lower. Usually crime of using fake doctor note is deemed a misdemeanor (See Reference 2 and 3), but in some states, this crime is taken very seriously and is classified as Class E felony. (See Reference 3)

             Rather than risking your job, serving jail time, paying a huge fine and then having a criminal record against your name, it is better to go for other options if you want to take time off from work.

             You can take sick leave if you still have it. You should use this leave only if you are not feeling well. Inform your employer that you are ill but not that ill to go to a doctor. Or, if it is a family emergency, inform your employer that you are taking time off to resolve the emergency. If you do not want to do this, then take leave without pay. It is better to forfeit a couple of days' wages than to lose your job and also land in prison. The solution for taking time off from work is being honest with your immediate supervisor. If you think that you need some time off, then inform your supervisor. Being honest and sincere will help you more than resorting to fake measures and risking your job and reputation.

             So, if you are still wondering whether you should use fake doctor note to get out of work, the answer is no. Think about the consequences and you will automatically realize that playing hooky from work using false means is just not worth the risk.

Fake Doctor Note Facts: Should You Use It To Get Out of Work?

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